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9 Greenhouse Misting Tips

Small-Greenhouse-MistingIf done correctly, your greenhouse can be a brilliant tool for the cultivation of plants. A greenhouse has the ability to provide favourable conditions for plants that would normally not be able to survive in your climate. A great tool to help create this ‘perfect’ environment is the greenhouse misting system.

You will need to create the optimum balance between shading, humidity, ventilation, circulation and heating. All these elements combine to create the ideal conditions for your plants to flourish in.  


In this article we will be looking at greenhouse misting.

Overheating can be one of the leading causes for greenhouse failure. This can generally be prevented by utilizing the correct shade and ventilation. Even though heating would always remain a challenge, greenhouse misting is the key to maintaining a comfortable environment for your plants. The misting creates humidity and plants love humidity. When liquid turns to gas (evaporation), it also crates a cooling effect inside your greenhouse system.

When venting to cool your greenhouse down, a lot of moisture tends to be lost. The lost moisture that escaped into the air can be replaced with proper greenhouse misting.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when determining the amount of moisture that you will need to provide. Your local climate is one for starters as well as the amount of ventilation and shade that is available.

Misting-SetupThe right king of greenhouse misting system will disperse the water in a fine mist. It should be evenly distributed throughout your greenhouse and not soak your plants too much. The rule of thumb is that for each 10 square feet of area, there must be 1 to 2 gallons per hour of moisture.

You can expect your greenhouse misting system to reduce the resident temperature by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. This equates to 14 degrees Celsius.


9 Greenhouse Misting Facts and Tips

  • You can choose between misting systems that delivers the mist in a coarse spray or a fine mist. This will depend on the operating pressure, the nozzle spacing and the type of nozzle.
  • The pumps used in a misting system have been designed for continuous and intermittent use. On the intermittent setting you can set it to run for 5 minutes with a 1 min. break in-between.
  • Electronic timers are also commonplace these days. Depending on your system you can set it to run between one to 14 times a day. You can then choose between one and 24 min. at a time. Some misting systems can even be programmed to run for shorter durations, but more frequent.
  • greenhouse-with-coolerBe careful of too much humidity. One way of getting around this problem (especially in dryer areas) would be to get an evaporative cooler. The water is drawn through a cooling system first before it goes into your greenhouse. This can cool the air by as much as 10 or 20 degrees.
  • You will have the option between brass and plastic nozzles when you go out to buy a greenhouse misting system. Brass can be problematic since it can be affected by certain minerals in the water and degrade. Generally, plastic nozzles would be preferred since they repel lime for longer periods and are immune to these minerals.
  • Calculating the amount of water dispersed by your misting system need not be difficult. You take the amount of nozzles in the system and times it by the rate of flow per min. Next, you multiply the total mount of minutes per day and this will give you a fair estimate of how much water is being delivered and/or needed.
  • Having a humidity measuring device in your greenhouse can be very useful in assisting you with calculating the amount of mist that needs to be applied.
  • Make sure to choose a greenhouse misting system that is noise-free as not to create unnecessary noise pollution.
  • Misting systems has other applications other than greenhouse misting such as static electricity control, concrete curing and the suppression of dust. This makes your misting system a bit of an asset.

Many factors contribute to the overall success of your greenhouse and misting is but one of them. Misting provides moisture, humidity and helps to cool your precious plants.

Investing in a proper greenhouse misting system has many benefits that will long out-last the initial money invested, an essential component for any serious greenhouse enthusiast such as yourself.