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Greenhouse Plans DIY

If you’re serious about constructing a greenhouse in your back garden, then this greenhouse plans diy guide will come in handy. A free standing greenhouse will need its own watering, misting and electricity supply. These are essential components in keeping your plants healthy. The right design is crucial. Factors such as a ready supply of materials and maintenance should be taken into consideration when designing your own greenhouse. If you’re interested in contacting professionals for home improvement, Jayhawk Exteriors is a great choice.

One of the most important elements in designing your own greenhouse plans diy is an effective misting system. The ability to create the optimum humidity levels are crucial, this can also be said about moisture. For some tips on misting systems, go to: 9 Greenhouse Misting Tips

Automating your greenhouse misting system will require timers and temperature measuring devices where possible. By doing the right research for your unique climate, you will be able to set the optimum temperature and humidity levels for your greenhouse using these automated components.  

A good way to conserve energy and water is by implementing a well planned rain water system. Your diy greenhouse plans should take this into consideration. In your initial greenhouse plans you should consider adding downspouts and well placed gutters. This will greatly reduce the burden on your watering system and is more environmentally friendly.

small-greenhouse-planHeating and lighting systems are also an essential component in your greenhouse growing success. Choose the lighting system according to the spectrum needed by your specific types of plants. Heating elements becomes increasingly important during the cold seasons. Lighting elements will prolong the plants daylight hours during winter and as such promote optimum growth.

For more information on light measurement in greenhouses, go to To learn more about greenhouse heating, go to: Greenhouse Heating – A Need to Know Guide.

You should look for greenhouse plans that include the supply and support systems in the design. The internet is a great resource for free greenhouse plans, but they tend to be limited. Look out for instructional guides that cover the hydroponics method. Hydroponics has become very popular nowadays and is a very effective greenhouse growing method. Look out for our future guide on free greenhouse plans.

Greenhouse Plans DIY: Some of the Basics You Will Need

  1. Basic materials needed will include 4 – 8 T-posts, 18 tie downs (ratcheting), 6mm of clear plastic, 3 rolls of heavy duty tape (3m each), 15 to 20 squeeze clips, 10 – 20 universal canopies and 1 roll of duck tape. Remember to make room for the option of adding heaters and grow lights. With these basic materials you’ll be able to build a small greenhouse and it won’t cost you and arm and a leg.
  2. This type of small greenhouse can be set up over the weekend. You will need the services of between 2 and 3 helpers. Start by inserting the pieces of the frame and make the connection. Wrap them with duck tape to secure. You will then place the pipe in a position that goes according to your greenhouse position.  
  3. Using the tie-downs, connect the upper part of the frame. The 4 corners of the structure will be supported by the T-posts. Drilling a minimum of 12 inches into the ground, place the extra T-post therein.
  4. Cut the plastic coverings so that they fit the greenhouse. The measurement should be approx. 30 feet. Fit the plastic covering over the structure (using a ladder) and secure. Make sure the plastic covers all the end caps, and fortify with gravel.
  5. Insert ventilation, door, benches, electricity, heating, lighting and watering systems and there you have it, a basic greenhouse!

This is a basic greenhouse plans diy design that could get you started on a budget. Stay tuned to our RSS feed for more detailed plans and instructions coming up in the near future.