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Is Building My Own Greenhouse Worth the Effort?

greenhouse-small-woodHave you ever considered taking the time and effort to build your own greenhouse? Having a greenhouse in your garden makes a lot of sense, but should you build it yourself? The first and most obvious reason for wanting to own a greenhouse would be to cultivate your own plants, especially during the colder winter months. This way you can have access to fresh produce throughout the year.

5 Reasons to Build Your Own Greenhouse

  • Save money – It is about half the cost of a kit
  • Fresh produce all year round
  • It makes for a great hobby
  • You can build a greenhouse stronger than a kit
  • No specialized materials needed – everything is available at the hardware store.

greenhouse-snow-woodNot only is a greenhouse great for growing your own food, but it makes a great hobby. Imagine experimenting with different hybrid varieties. A greenhouse provides the optimum conditions for plant growth and is a great place to start your seedlings. Growing smaller vegetables tend to be a lot easier than large ones.

Unless you’re just looking for something really small like a PVC pipe version covered in plastic then you could probably get away with building it in just a weekend. If you’re seriously considering building your own greenhouse that will last for years to come then you’ll have to invest in a couple of weeks.

Another plus in building your own greenhouse is that you’ll have more freedom with the design. Just make sure to use readily available materials. If you have a lot of hail and wind where you live, then designing your own greenhouse will be more important to compensate for this.

On the other hand, if you’re not the best at construction and you live in an area with a moderate climate, building your own greenhouse is still a viable option. The plants wouldn’t care less! Not even an indoor garden will let your plants grow with such enthusiasm.

Determination is more important than superior construction skills. You can still build a strong and useful greenhouse, even with limited experience.

recycled-greenhouse-materialsAn affordable greenhouse is as simple as making use of recycled materials. Look at what’s available in your local salvage yard, and design your greenhouse around that. You can also try your local glass installers for possible cheap windows. Sometimes you can even get them for free.

If you are in doubt whether to own your own greenhouse or not, visit someone that has one. Ask as many questions as you can and take notes. Once you realize how useful a greenhouse is, chances are you will want to have one. Be it fresh produce or flowers, having an extended season makes this investment all the more attractive.

Plants respond amazingly well to being protected by a greenhouse. All the more reason to build your own greenhouse and get growing!