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How to Make Compost

How to Make Compost That Will Keep You and the Planet Healthy

How to make compostHave you ever tasted vegetables the way they really should taste? Do you even know how vegetables really should taste like? Do you really know how to make compost? The right information can change all that. A new e-book (that can only be found online), claims to know the secrets of making compost that will have you never buying store-bought vegetables ever again! The book I’m talking about is: “The World’s Best Compost”. A must read for anyone interested in growing their own vegetables that tastes great. Making an excellent compost is a combination of art and science, but get the basics right and anyone can do it.

The secret to providing healthy soil for your plants to thrive on is to create adequate amounts of microbial behavior. Colloidal humus compost is the answer. Not only will it help you to save on hard work, time, money and water, but it’s good for the environment too. Colloidal humus is not a priority in most gardening books (and websites), and this is where they get it wrong. Focusing on generating soil (and not humus) is where they come short and as the author aptly puts it: ‘It’s like baking a chocolate cake without using any chocolate’! The pack tends to use dangerous and toxic methods that should be avoided at all costs. Refrain from following the pack blindly, this is my advice to you. In short, make your own compost.

soil_humusLasting and consistent results will come from promoting the soils capability of feeding itself. If you follow the principals in the book your compost will also have no odor, so your relationship with your neighbors will not be an issue! Straining your compost by turning it will be a concept of the past and you’ll be able to get humus on a regular basis from your compost heap. Do this right and worms will appear naturally. Colloidal humus in your compost has the effect of adhering plant nutrients together firmly. Compost that provides life to your plants for 1 year can be made in as little as 1 day. Imagine digging into the soil with your bare hands!

What is the point of calling yourself an organic gardener if you feed your plants the same stuff that chemicals do? Learn how a plant should really feed, you deserve the chance to know the correct methodology. Do not hamper Mother Nature by injecting harmful toxins into the soil. Colloidal humus in your compost will help you prevent doing just that. Plants that are healthy and thriving also has the ability to keep harmful insects and fungus at bay. Colloidal humus is the sensible way to go. Once you’ve tasted naturally grown organic vegetables, you’ll never believe how you could ever have gone without it.

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