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Greenhouse Plans Designs

greenhouse-plans-designsYour greenhouse style and design should match your garden and home layout. When choosing a greenhouse plans design, you should also take the weather into consideration. If you live in an area with heavy snow for example, then you should steer clear of the flat roof design for obvious reasons. In such a scenario, you’ll need a design that will let the snow slide of easily.

Having a greenhouse in your back garden means the weather won’t come in the way of your gardening activities. No matter the season, you can continue propagating seeds and cuttings year-round.

If you have limited space in your backyard, then a lean-to type greenhouse would be preferable. They’re usually attached to a wall or a part of your home. The added benefit of this type of greenhouse is that much need supplies of water and electricity is readily available.

If you have plenty of space in your backyard, then the free standing design would be possible. A very popular free standing greenhouse design these days are the peaked or curved roof design. The shape usually being square or rectangular. This allows for ample growing space with benches on the sides and at the back of your greenhouse.

There are so many greenhouse plans designs available these days and the possibilities are almost endless. From large and medium sized greenhouse and small solariums with different designs to prefabricated kits for easy installation.

5 Standard Greenhouse Plans Designs:

barn-style-greenhouse1. Barn-Style Greenhouse:
 Very similar to a barn design, the walls are generally shorter with a wide roof. The theme for this type of greenhouse deign would usually be rustic or farm-style. It will give your garden a country setting appeal. A lovely free-standing design that will surely enhance the look of your garden.



gable-greenhouse2. Gable Greenhouse:
 Normally attached to a garage or wall, this type of lean-to design will only make use of half the original gable design. Most of the time you will find vertical sidewalls (or slightly sloping) and flat roof panels on this greenhouse design. The gable greenhouse can sometimes be attached to the end wall of an existing greenhouse.



gothic-style-greenhouse3. Gothic-Style Greenhouse:
 A great design for heavy snowfall areas since the roof is formed in such a way as to accommodate this. The historical Gothic design can also have an aesthetic appearance. The form tends to be continuous thanks to the design of the walls. Not recommended to be a lean-to or attached type of greenhouse, unless your house is of similar design. You can however build this design as a free-standing or attached greenhouse.


arched-greenhouse4. Hoop or Arched Greenhouse: Usually constructed with PVC or metal pipes and covered with plastic. Cheaper to buy and construct, this greenhouse design can be costly in the long run since you have to constantly replace the plastic covering.




geodesic-dome-greenhou5. Geodesic Dome Greenhouse: The shape allows for the heaviest of snow loads since it is shaped like half a soccer ball. The dome design needs to be free-standing because of its structure and shape. There are no sidewalls and can be expensive to setup. The reason being that this design needs many layers of glazing to complete it’s shape.



You can generally choose between 3 types of materials when constructing your greenhouse; wood, galvanized steel or aluminum. Wood looks the best, but make sure it has been pressure treated. Galvanized steel is lightweight and sturdy. Aluminum has the added benefit of being weatherproof.

Choosing the right materials for your greenhouse plans design can be crucial. You will be looking for strength and stability and features that include:

  • The ability to handle heavy snowfall in winter and high winds during extreme weather conditions.
  • Must be able to carry the weight of support structures such as grow lights , hanging baskets and sidewall shelving.
  • Hinged screened storm doors as well as large side or individual roof vents should be part of the detail.

The size of your greenhouse will be limited by your budget, but extensions can be added at a later stage, proving you have made room for them in your original greenhouse plans designs. There are numerous styles and sizes to choose from. From experience, limited space is always the biggest concern, so buy the largest greenhouse design you can afford.

Happy Greenhouse Growing!