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Lean to Greenhouse Plans

Download your free lean-to greenhouse plans here

timber-lean-to-greenhouse-plansLean to greenhouses are ideal for someone with limited space. Lean to greenhouse plans can be modified as to be improved upon when you are ready to expand. Also known as attached greenhouses, this type of greenhouse can be rounded or rectangular in shape. The size of your greenhouse will also depend on your budget.

Generally, greenhouses can be categorized into 2 main categories; lean-to (attached) greenhouses and free standing greenhouse. Both these types require very similar greenhouse plans. The biggest difference really comes down to the availability of resources such as water and electricity. As you can imagine, a free standing greenhouse might require extended pipelines and/or electricity cables.

Let’s have a quick overview of the main differences.

As the name says, a freestanding greenhouse is an independent structure. This means that your greenhouse plans and materials normally has to be more solid. This also means that the costs generally run higher. Your budget has to consider not only the costs of the materials and the greenhouse plans, but also the costs of extending the essential supply lines.

Automation is an essential ingredient in greenhouse success, and this means having a ready supply of water and electricity.

A lean to greenhouse comes with many advantages since it is attached directly to your house. The 1st advantage that comes to mind is that your greenhouse will have a lot of structural support. The 2nd would be the ready supply of water and electricity for your automation process. Just think heating elements in the cold season. The 3rd advantage would be the space you could save.

Free standing greenhouse plans on the other hand will require consideration of proper shelter and even shading in the hotter climates. The biggest advantage that a free standing has is the ability to choose the best spot for optimum climate exposure.

The biggest disadvantage of an attached greenhouse would be that you are generally limited when it comes to the choice of location. Ideally, you want your greenhouse to face South to South-East. If you live in a hotter climate and are not careful, you might find that your greenhouse gets over-exposure from the sun if not placed correctly. To compensate for this you’ll have to consider shading.

It is recommended to consider the style and design of your house when you draw your lean-to greenhouse plans.

Important things to consider in your lean-to greenhouse plans.

  • Lean-to greenhouses can be attached to any structure such as your house or a barn for example.
  • The most used size is 8ft by 12ft. If you attach the greenhouse to your house, try not the alter or destroy any part of your house. This could sometimes cause problems with the authorities.
  • The greenhouse roof should not be higher or wider than your house roofing.
  • Use flashing glue on the connection to the structure to ensure waterproofing.
  • Try to attach your greenhouse to the Southern wall of your house if you can.

Free Lean-to Greenhouse Plans.


DOWNLOAD HERE (.pdf – 460 KB)

This woodworking project is about lean to greenhouse plans. It comes complete with step-by-step instructions in PDF format and is free to download. Make sure your building complies with the local building codes before you start construction. All the tools you will need to build this attached greenhouse has been laid out in the plans.

All the materials should be readily avail;able at your local diy/hardware store. The lumber should be perfectly straight and in good condition. Try to find treated wood if you can. These lean-to greenhouse plans should be all you need to complete the project, but do take care to use good judgement and attention.

Happy Greenhouse Growing!